All plans come with free trial period limited to 200MB of traffic total. You need to create and confirm subscription but the first payment for a new customer will occur only after the end of the free trial. During this period you can cancel the subscription without any charge.

Plan A

$10 / month

US East, Central and West

  • 10 GB included
  • $2.00/GB extra
  • 7 day free trial
Plan B

$20 / month

All US + Europe IPs

  • 25 GB included
  • $2.00/GB extra
  • 7 day free trial
Plan C
Best Plan!

$50 / month

All available locations

  • 100 GB included
  • $1.50/GB extra
  • 7 day free trial

$100 / month

All available locations

  • 200 GB included
  • $1.00/GB extra
  • 7 day free trial

Larger Plans Available

Bigger traffic plans, dedicated IPs and custom locations are available on request. Contact support to negotiate the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept payments using PayPal. Our service is subscription based. You can pay with any payment method attached to your PayPal account:
Buy now with PayPal

We can also accept SEPA or Wire Transfer payment for 1 year upfront payment. Contact support if you need this.

We do not accept payments in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

When you subscribe to BotProxy, you get access to our HTTP proxy server, as well as a dashboard to monitor your current traffic usage and get an estimate of your next bill. There's no software to download or install, just add your IP address for IP Authentication, or configure your HTTP client for Proxy Authentication, and you'll be able to use our rotating proxy server.

We do not limit the number of devices (different client IPs) that can connect to proxies. We limit total traffic through all proxies from all your devices. That is what included in your plan. Also to ensure proxy efficiency rather than limiting you we allow only 200 simultaneous connection (threads) from one client IP. If you need more then definitelly you do something wrong. Use connection pooling on your software.

Yes, 7 days, traffic is limited to 200MB. Free trial is available only on your first subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time. We may limit locations and/or request rate during the free tial. We may also limit the availability of "free trial" due to security considerations. In this case to validate our service please use "Try now" form on the homepage. It is connected to the same proxies as in client account.

We are required to charge VAT (value added taxes) on sales to non-business European Union customers. If your billing address indicates you are located in EU VAT will be applied automatically to your monthly usage. All VAT collected from customers in the European Union will be paid to the tax authority of the appropriate EU member state. Customers can access their VAT charges by visiting their Billing page and reviewing their monthly invoice.

If you're a registered business, enter your VAT identification number to remove VAT from your monthly bill before subscribing.