Rotating Proxies
Plug In and Forget

Connect your software to a fast rotating proxies network with 3000 new IP addresses available every month and worldwide locations in minutes. We allow full speed multithreaded connections and charge only for traffic.

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Built-In Proxy Rotation

You'll get access to all proxies through a single endpoint - no more proxy lists to manage. Using our sessions feature you can rotate IP with every request. By default your outgoing IP address is rotated every minute.
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ultra fast datacenter proxies with IPv4/IPv6 addresses


fresh open proxies

< 5 min

Typical integrations take less than 5 minutes into any script or application

Start Immediately

Just enter our rotating proxy address in your application proxy server settings and you are ready to go. Your requests are automatically rotated through one of our outgoing proxy in different locations.
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Fast Rotating Proxies

Tired of slow open proxies with high error rates? We use private rotating proxies in our outgoing locations providing fast access across North America, Europe and Asia. The servers have over 99% uptime, handle hundreds of concurrent connections, and you can even use our rotating proxies for real-time screen scraping.

Get unlimited speed

Don't be fooled

Unlimited traffic offering of other rotating proxies providers usually limited by speed, number of connected devices or parallel connections. We allow full speed multithreaded connections and charge only for bandwidth used. Do you know that the only source for free unmetered traffic is stolen traffic from botnets? Are you ok to use it?

Spend time on your goal

Not on proxy management

We take on all rotating proxies management providing you with fast and reliable connection. Every day we delete old and add fresh proxies in each location so you always have fresh IP addresses with our rotating proxies. Our rotating proxies are constantly monitored ensuring your with uninterrupted service.

Full Control Over Your Expenses

No Surprises

Each of our plans comes with a definite amount of traffic included. When you reach the traffic limit access to our rotating proxies is suspended. You can buy more traffic for your current billing period from your account dashboard or upgrade your subscription.

100% Legal

No botnets. No scam. Legitimate network.

We are a registered EU company. We don't use botnets as a source for our rotating proxies. Instead we rent servers from hosting providers and we pay for the traffic. We publish our contacts so you can verify who you deal with. Using our services you can be safe that you are not participating in any illegal activity.

Plan A

$10 / month

US Only - 55 IPs/day

  • 10 GB included
  • $1.00/GB extra
  • 7 day free trial
Plan B

$20 / month

US, Europe - 75 IPs/day

  • 20 GB included
  • $0.80/GB extra
  • 7 day free trial
Plan C

$50 / month

All locations - 90 IPs/day

  • 70 GB included
  • $0.50/GB extra
  • 7 day free trial
Best Plan!

$100 / month

All locations - 90 IPs/day

  • 150 GB included
  • $0.45/GB extra
  • 7 day free trial

More information about our plans and pricing available at our pricing page.

What our clients say

We use BotProxy for over a year now to deliver our users with the latest lotto results and are fully satisfied with the performance and stability of rotating proxies it provides.
Thank you and your team for the new updates. I'm liking this rotating proxies service and the support each day!
Regards, Happy Customer.
I`m a freelancer and registered just for testing your service. Actually from my own research I tested nearly 20 rotating proxies services and only 2 works fine: one of them is you. All other much worse.
Software Developer

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This form performs HTTP request through our live rotating proxies. You can optionally specify outgoing location or proxy session identifier.

All requests with the same session ID will use the same external IP address.

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